Efficient water pump v2

spyninja242001 - Custom level - from iOS
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I think I invented a new type of pump also if we get enough likes I will remove the cover and allow derivative...YAY we reached 15 likes but I'll open tthe cover and allow derivatives tommorow


10 likes - allow derivatives - REACHED!

15 likes - open cover - REACHED!


Right slide - speed

Left slider - trade off

F - brakes

G - set trade off to 0.05

H - reveres (why would you use it)

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  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: I think it's strong as a normal 2 stage pump because I just measured how strong it is
  • spyninja242001: @golden: ok I will do that tommorow
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: and also it can allow water to go trough even though it's off because it's now blocking the water flow and it has not fins
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: the only bad things about my pump is that it's not as strong and it will loose pressure if the wheel spins too fast but the good things is that it's small, fast and efficient
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: lol mines isn't that strong but it's fast
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: lol ok
  • spyninja242001: @FirePhenixFire: I can't now because this save is on my iPad and I'm on my iphone
  • spyninja242001: @The_Blacksmith_: oh sorry
  • spyninja242001: @The_Blacksmith_: I did
  • deathonastick4: BTW not trying to steal you r thunder or anything!
  • deathonastick4: I tried making my own water pump, and I just posted it! Not very fast but VERY powerful! Check it out!
  • FirePhenixFire: Of you allow directives then people can see whats under the cover and I already know :D
  • The_Blacksmith_: You got 13 likes! Allow derivatives!
  • spyninja242001: @JOELwindows7: before me
  • spyninja242001: @JOELwindows7: also did anybody used these kind of pumps?
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: no it's a wheel that spins really fast
  • spyninja242001: @golden: cool
  • spyninja242001: @JOELwindows7: lol I was asleep
  • spyninja242001: @JOELwindows7: ok
  • JOELwindows7: Spoil! Spoil spoil!!!
    Already 10 like!
  • Golden: @deathonastick4: its just a wheel
  • deathonastick4: Are you using like a rotating motor with paddles? Ima try it out.
  • Golden: @spyninja242001: hey dude, can you make a mobile pump that habe output and input
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: @The_Blacksmith_: try guess the type of pump I'm using too
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: read the coment below this comment
  • spyninja242001: @The_Blacksmith_: do u want to know how the pump works
  • spyninja242001: @deathonastick4: the pump looks weaker then you think
  • The_Blacksmith_: Awesome! LIKE if we can see the pump
  • deathonastick4: Cool! You should try making it pump into a piston to make a hydraulic piston

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