Jansen Walker obstacle (update)

supertim122 - Custom level - from Android
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New update of unnecessary stuff..lol
I couldn't install time ctrl, the whole mechanism will stuck whenever it is switch on.

This machine is called the Strandbeest. It only requires a circular motion to power the whole thing like an animal walking.

Right slider is power on
Left button is switch direction

Hope you like it!

I dont made this but im gonna made a obstacle run of this this is a beta hop you like! Enjoy

If you play mc join my server: mcvoltagegaming.dmch.nl

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  • supertim122: Its possible but is trippy but thanks for your comment!
  • Tesla: It's impossible for this thing to go over obstacle without tripping over...that's why I didn't put any obstacles in the first place
  • supertim122: Plzzz leave a like and join my mc server ip: mcvoltagegaming.dmch.nl

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