Robots vs Very Angry Plant

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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this idea literally came from a dream lmfao.

F: switches between plant mode(all features are disabled) and walking death plant mode.
top left slider controls main flower and fires the cannon
buttom left slider controls all the other flowers symotainiously and fires their cannons

top right slider controls the walking direction and walking speed

as im sure you all know plants and robots hate eachother so destroying that army of robots should be second nature >:]

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  • Chad64: @Demon666: mmkay
  • Demon666: @Chad64: then noone will notice if i leave it as is lol
  • Chad64: simultaneously*
    i can't believe how its been 2 years and no one cared to correct it
  • Demon666: @Winfrid9: thanks lol
  • Winfrid9: SO SO SO EPIC!
  • that guy2: @Demon666: hell is too mainstream.
  • Demon666: @that guy: ?
  • that guy2: What the babies
  • Demon666: @sdac: yeah I thought so too. ima use the big adventure bot instead lol.
  • sdac: The lag is mostly caused by the robot army
  • principia_rus: angry flouer }:-)
  • x32g: I think sdac just started this for some new material for some new principa adverts.
  • sjoerd19992: Amazing!! :D
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: it'll be even crazier when you have to fight this thing lmao.
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome! That's crazy idea!
  • Demon666: @zardOz: @TechZ: yeah i did make thing alittle bigger than i should have lol. hopefully a giant pair of flying scissors doesn't add to much lag lmao.
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: it's not crippling:) but it's pretty massive even without sprites.
  • TechZ2124: Well it's a bit laggy on Android, I don't know exactly but I think more or less 10fps. Keep up the great work !
  • Demon666: laggy* not large.... stupid auto correct
  • Demon666: @zardOz: also is this large for you? cuz I plan to add more effects to it lol.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: apparently i'm not very good with technical terms lol.
  • zardOz2: Yeah you know a tick to a cam targeter, aka camera twitch :) It's a technical term heh
  • Demon666: @TechZ: @zardOz: lmao i could have sworn that i put a cam targeter lmao thanks for reminding me.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: camera twitch?
  • TechZ2124: Lol you should add a cam targeter because when the level starts the cam doesn't target anything and I have to manually move to the plant. But really great level, I like the originality Lol ;)
  • zardOz2: Lol, I didnt realize there was anything up top at first... needs a camera twitch... Very awesome plant I can dig it!

LEVEL ID: 6117