vertical climber UPDATE v2.0

Alfajim - Custom level - from Android
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Here's my vertical climber so far.

Arrows - left and right (on the ground)
F climb - on/off
Horizontal Slider - engage bottom guide wheels (wait until they are inside the vertical shaft to engage.)

Three vertical sliders control the robotic arm, you'll soon get used to them.

This vehicle comes with an operating manual. :D

When you get to the top of the shaft you need to turn off the climbing mechanism. Wait until the lower wall clamps are pretty much level with the top of the shaft, then turn off the climbing mech when it is on a down stroke, preferably near to the bottom of the stroke.

Now you need to pull yourself out using a combination of the robotic arm and the drive controls. Once you are hooked on to the overhead "hoisting bracket" retract the lower guide wheels (horizontal slider).

Good luck!

Hope you like it. :)


I've increased iterations to 200 let me know if you have any performance issues.

Credit to Zardoz for the half unpack double linear servos. :)

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  • Alfajim: Oops it already was lol. :)
  • Alfajim: Now editable. :)
  • Alfajim: @sjoerd1999: thanks. :)
  • sjoerd19992: Congrats!! ;)
  • Alfajim: @woodnut: thanks fella. :)
  • woodnut2: Mighty cool climber :)
  • Alfajim: @yo man: thanks! :)
  • yo man: Wow nice build!
  • Alfajim: @Nighthawk: thanks dude. :)
  • Nighthawk: fine work my friend! really well done.
  • Alfajim: @zardOz: thanks lol. You had me worried for a second, just had to double check the rules. ; D
  • Alfajim: @principia fan: thanks, it is tricky at first I know, hence the operating manual lol. :)
  • zardOz2: Wow that's a crazy climber! There is law on how many linear motors per square p-meter;)
  • principia fan: Nice! It takes a little work, buts its great once you get the hang of it.
  • Alfajim: @x32g: @Rubicon: thanks guys. :)
  • Rubicon2: Awesome!
  • x32g: Amazing as usual!
  • Alfajim: Pixels would work but it kind of feels like cheating lol. I'll figure something out. Thanks again. :)
  • TechZ2124: @Alfajim: Mmm...that's a problem. Maybe add pixels that appear/disappear to climb to the top and then continue the track. Anyway I think it looks pretty realistic, you've made a great job with this ;)
  • Alfajim: @TechZ: thanks! I wanted to make it a realistic, functional machine that got itself into the shaft. I need to figure out a way to climb out of the top next but I thi k that's going to be a lot more difficult. :)
  • TechZ2124: Wow ! Really impressive one, it climbs really well ;)
  • sdac: @Alfajim: I'll see if I can reproduce it
  • Alfajim: @sdac: thanks! I'll try increasing iterations, they are at 90 already but I'll crank them up some more. Thanks for the other ideas too, I'll see what I can do. Incidentally I was trying to automate the bottom guide wheels by using the object fields in the same way I have at the top, but they wouldn't work. I can't seem to get more than 2 to work all detecting platforms. Is this a bug? :)
  • Alfajim: @sjoerd1999: thanks
  • sdac: Looks great! A few thoughts on the stability of it, I think you should be able to push up velocity iterations a lot more without impacting performance too much, it's a bit jittery at the start of climbing. I also think it would be easier for it to find a stable equilibrium if there was something in the middle that could absorb some of the forces, so when one side pushes against the wall the opposite force of that action doesn't immediately transfer to the other side, i.e. if the two sides were connected by one or several dampers or a linear motor. Thanks for creating this, it will be useful for fine-tuning the physics engine to handle complex systems with high forces involved.
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome! Nice build!! ;)

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