Blue Eyes White Dragon

Demon666 - Custom level - from Android
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Update 1.0:
- Various stability fixes for flight mode and walk mode
- increased walking speed as much as possible
- more realistic walking motion


Left Vertical Slider: slide up beyond 15% to switch to flight, once in flight mode above 15% slider will now control the dragons altitude. mode keep below 15% to stay in walk mode. Also now you can only switch to walk mode if the dragon is close to the ground.

Left Horizontal Slider: slide left(flies or walks left) slide right(flies or walks right) how far you side in either direction controls how fast it flies in that direction

Right Vertical Slider: hold down to angle the head and fire the its lightning attack

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  • Demon666: @that guy: my next dragon will probably be an upgrade to my red shrapnel dragon... once i get around to remaking the code lol.... id rather remake a long code then a entire level lol
  • Demon666: @that guy: tried that lol... didnt help... the high ID's still remain
  • that guy2: @Demon666: Would multiselecting the whole thing into a new level help anything, or is it just that big?
  • Demon666: @Anubis: ty!
  • Demon666: @that guy: ima lazyass by nature lol... besides im working on my own version of diepio right now lol....
  • Demon666: @that guy:i actually did finish constructing it.but it was made before the dev's fixed the super high object id bug... i wanted to use luascript with it but i cant because all of the id's are so high that the luascript returns an error... the only way to fix this is to rebuild the whole thing so i was like "fuck this" lol....
  • that guy2: So, any plans for black Rose?
  • Anubis: Truly AMAZING!
  • Demon666: @Golden: ? lol
  • Golden: Won't follow the signal somehow* I hate fucking autocorrect
  • Golden: I discovered the bug for Principia, synthesizer was broken, make a slow pulse with toggler, connected to synthesizer, it follow the signal somehow...
  • Golden: @Demon666: I thought land was broken but figured out it was too close to ground xD
  • Demon666: @that guy: blame golden and bloodstorm xD
  • that guy2: I was wondering why this was in my subscriptions again.
  • BloodStorm: @Demon666 its fixed
  • Demon666: @Golden: fixed... I think xD
  • Golden: @Demon666: but high in air, and land, it works...
  • Golden: @Demon666: ... fly in air close to ground, then try to land...
  • Demon666: @Golden: @BloodStorm: @crazybearX: it lands just fine lol
  • Golden: Fucking autocorrect, I said NVM!
  • Golden: NGK*
  • Golden: NGK it won't land
  • Golden: @crazybearX: @BloodStorm: press and hold the flight slider down until he lands ;)
  • BloodStorm: Wont land
  • BloodStorm: Wont land
  • crazybearX: It wont land
  • eisukekojima:
  • eisukekojima: まるで英語の早口言葉みたいです。
  • Hoborg: @Demon666: Yes I forgot that word. If its not problem for you.
  • Demon666: @Hoborg: oh... do you just want the lightning code then?
  • Hoborg: @Demon666: That block was throwing electricy by lua.
  • Demon666: @Hoborg: I don't understand your questions lol. what you mean by blocks and bolds?
  • Hoborg: And second question, when lua block is block with bolds everything is working on multi select? You know, when you copy and paste.
  • Hoborg: How to change block with bolds to other? Becouse i cant find that in script.
  • Gordon 3man: @Demon666: oh ok
  • Demon666: @Gordon 3man: I do plan to update my other two dragons soon tho.
  • Demon666: @Gordon 3man: I dont plan on updating this
  • Gordon 3man: @Demon666: when is update?
  • throneprincipia61: Omg! Its Awsome!!!!!
  • khang 4: @demon666: is what I meant, lol*
  • khang 4: @demon666 like the best, EVAR
  • khang 4: You are very good at making levels ;)
  • electro506: i cant show but think is cool
  • Demon666: @khang 4: thanks :]
  • Gordon 3man: @Demon666: ok
  • Demon666: @Gordon 3man: it cant actually kill anything with its lightning untill the 1.5 update
  • Gordon 3man: Death by lighting?
  • Demon666: @Manny: slide the vertical slider all the way down. it will fly downwards until it reaches the ground then it will autos with to walk mode
  • Manny: @demon666: I can't land it when it's flying.
  • Sebasos: Ooooo :-0
  • Demon666: @Charlest360: lol thanks
  • Demon666: @sjoerd1999: thanks the reason it was so bad before is because I was trying out a new system to get the joints moving. now I know how to use that system better.
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome update!! It's way better now!! Walks a lot better!
  • Manny: Can you make it walk faster?
  • TechMan101: Ok
  • Andr3w246: Your dragon is cool! :-)
  • Demon666: @TechMan101: the controls are fine its the stabilization that needs work.... i plan on fixing that soon
  • TechMan101: Needs better inflight controls.
    I might be able to fix that.
  • principia fan: Wow!
  • Demon666: @zardOz: lol true. @woodnut: thanks more updates/bug fixes coming soon lol
  • woodnut2: Super fine awesome Dragon ! :)
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: I juust figured it would be less overwhelming than yours, since you have rotation codes and whatnot
  • Demon666: @zardOz: you can make lightning with a single lightning bolt but it would have to be moving reaaaaaalllllyyyyyy fast lol that's what mine does. mine uses just two bolts tho.... looks better lol
  • zardOz2: @McfRat0910: You need tol learrrn the program lua scripts... Take a look at my single bolt lightning and tell us how confusing you find it on a scale of 1-WTF?!
  • Demon666: @McfRat0910: that's not a question that I easily answer. especially if your just starting lol.
  • McfRat0910: How did you make the lightning??????sorry,,,I'm new person so I didn't know much about this games....
  • Demon666: @Andr3w246: feel free to look at any of my designs if you get stuck lol
  • Andr3w246: @Demon666: Its OK. I'm raging right now at Servo motors.
  • Demon666: @Andr3w246: id like to say soon...... but then id be lying lmao
  • that guy2: @Demon666: hah, that thing will be the level you stand on!
  • Andr3w246: @Demon666: When is it coming out?
  • Demon666: @that guy: if you plan to make a bos battle out of all my dragons then your gonna be ripping your hair out when i post my black rose sky dragon. that thing is COLOSSAL. 2300 objects.... larger than my angry sky dragon and my rattle snake and my blue eyes combined .... getting this thing to fly is gonna take some kinda miracle lmao
  • that guy2: Does that mean I have to make boss fight out of this too?
  • Demon666: what's what I get for typing on my touchscreen with no autocorrect lol
  • Demon666: @Rubicon: lmao.... me and my horrible spelling....
  • Rubicon2: This is awesome@Demon666: but the F button 'talk' mode wasn't working for me, I was talking to myself the whole time lol (just pointing out a typo ;) )
  • Alfajim: Wow awesome !!!! Great work. :)
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome Amazing!!
    I saw the component. Not bulkie anymore. Instead use Lua script. Cool save storage!
  • sjoerd19992: Amazing!!
  • TechZ2124: Awesome dragon !
  • principia_rus: @Demon666: very cool dragon :-)
  • x32g: Kewl pic.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: and i'm not naturally a good artist i just practiced alot lol. and paid attention to small details.
  • zardOz2: Yeah I figured:)
  • Demon666: 6* days ago
  • Demon666: @zardOz: it was still to early in the alpha stages for me to want to show it.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: lol i unlisted it shortly after i posted the alpha version 4 days ago
  • zardOz2: Seriously 48 downloads in 6 days?!? WTF people It's a badass giant flying skeletal lightning breathing dragon for heavens sake!
  • zardOz2: *zardOz wishes he had an artistic bone:( Cool sketch
  • Demon666: @x32g: just a quick sketch but what you think so far? lol this would be hell to stabilize lmao. two different sets of wings that double as legs and arms
  • Demon666: @x32g: this plant dragon is looking like some twisted monstrosity lmfao
  • flog22: Nice. :-D
  • Demon666: @x32g: thx
  • x32g: U should mak a angri plant monstr dragn.
  • x32g: Kewl. Dragnz ar awsom.
  • Demon666: @x32g: I am also planning to make some kind of dark dragon lol.... im still drawing design plans for it tho lol... since i don't want it to look like my other dragons.
  • Demon666: @flog22: I was already in the process of making a blue electric sky dragon to fight with it but this turned up instead lol. I do still plan to make some kind of battle between my dragons tho lol...
  • x32g: Moar dragnz plz?
  • flog22: You planning to make this fight your Angry Sky Dragon? ;)
  • anarki20043: @Demon666: I was just being silly when I said that, but by all means, have at it. :-)
  • Demon666: @zardOz: @anarki2004: I don't think that type of dragon can be properly constructed in Principia. there isn't enough layers. unlike the blue eyes which has its wings on its back and has a independent set of arms the skyrim dragon has its wings connected to its arms there the same structure. it might not be possible to make arms/wings fold up properly. I'll think on it tho lol.
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: Im gonna see what I can come up for a first run bolt... alduin is the god dragon from Skyrim if I recall
  • Demon666: @anarki2004: I have no idea what that is lmao.
  • anarki20043: Do Alduin next!
  • Demon666: @zardOz: right....... the cam target...... always forget that..... lol
  • Demon666: @zardOz: not a bad idea but it would be better for me to just make a timer to delay the randomization... because the points where the randomization occures and how many points there are is dependent on the length of the lightning bolt. if i were to preset variables for loghtning longer than 10 units then the quality would suffer. i do need to place some restriction on the randomization tho.... so that the lightning dosen't branch out so much towards the end.
  • zardOz2: Nm, I guess that would work for a stationary start position, Knowing your love for math it would be a real pain.. FYI, dragon needs a cam targeter.
  • zardOz2: Nice, Looks badass... I was thinking on your lightning that does cause some lag at. Longer distances... what about making like 10 sets of random values in first run and just cycling between them? I can't temember how you coded it, now Ii gotta check.
  • Demon666: @Ridget: at the moment the A button dosent work. i will add a backward walking motion soon, after i perfect the forward walking motion.
  • Ridget: Wew coool dragon btw is a button unusable when in walk form ?

LEVEL ID: 6265