Ridget - Custom level - from Android
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F to manually walk step by step -_-
G to transform
H to shoot
Still in test but nearly stable
Hope i can finish this soon (/=3=)/

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  • incrazyboyy: Nicely done
  • TouringGuy: Very cool build ! (RC was hard to find since it was off the initial screen and all the way to the left)
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome!! Nice work! Must spend a lot of time into this! :)
  • TechZ2124: Cool transformer, I was impressed when I discovered it was able to tranform back to the "two-legged" position. Nice job
  • rich11292000: And how are we supposed to press f with no controller.
  • Rubicon2: Awesome transformer, I couldn't believe it actually transformed back to walking position, didn't think it could pick itself back up, great build
  • Hobbit: Very nice, movement smooth as silk.
  • Mattdogking: Now I found it..
  • Mattdogking: Add a rc activator!!!! I can't find the rc
  • FirePhenixFire: And add a cam targeter
    Nice tank transformer :D
  • Ridget: @Demon666: will add it soon :D , @zardOz: thanks, this is my first bot tho
  • zardOz2: That's a great bot! Transforms really nicely and the walking is realiable..
  • Demon666: might wanna add an rc activator. took me a min to find the actual rc lol i thought it was on the tank somewhere. nice transformer tho you would explore using the timer to automatically step at fixed intervals. instead of constantly pressing F lol.

LEVEL ID: 6365