Rocket with simple controls

mrsimb - Custom level - from Android
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I will add hovering later

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  • Ctjet: @TechZ: they are quite simple, tommorrow i will be uploading a video on how to use them so be ready for thag
  • TechZ2124: @Ctjet: Not, I have to learn how to use them
  • Ctjet: @TechZ: did you use functions or not?
  • TechZ2124: @mrsimb: Thanks, the code of my Endless Jump is a bit messy and long, I am not a professional programmer so I did it using only IF/ELSE and FOR/DO. I'm sure that someone like Cralant would be able to make at least 3 times shorter. It will be editable when I will post the new update of the level but first I have to finish my entry for the Pro Contest ;)
  • mrsimb: thanks guys @TechZ: i wonder how did you write your endless jump code :)
  • principia_rus: Realy nice luawork: rocket roll, but he nice controll!!
  • TechZ2124: Awesome ! I know it is much more difficult to do than it looks like ;) Great job
  • incrazyboyy: A angle-independent sincos flyer! Wow!

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