[lua] checkers minigame

mznznlt - Custom level - from Android
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#Left-up button - turn indicator, tap to change the current turn
#Left-middle button - disable turn system
#Left-down button - disable cam locking

To do:
*force-strike system (will be optional)
*upped checkers fixed (bigger moves than normal ones)

hope you enjoy

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  • JOELwindows7: Hello!
  • JupiterSky: Noice!
  • The prince1: Bad
  • JOELwindows7: @mznznlt: ok, I know XD sorry man! Be creative :D
  • mznznlt: @JOELwindows7: that would be cheating! I would never do that. I might get some ideas from others (which I didn't) on how to do certain stuff.
  • JOELwindows7: Tips: find someones Lua game that checker and open source, adapt it here.
  • ilovecrazzy: @mznznlt ok
  • mznznlt: @ilovecrazzy: google some lua tutorials, zard0z started some lua coding tutorials, you can try deconstructing other peoples code. Start from the basics.
  • ilovecrazzy: @mznznlt how do i do lua
  • ilovecrazzy: i dont know how to do lua
  • mznznlt: once im done with the code*
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: yeah, i do that sometimes. But for my code its ussualy unnecesary, as my errors are at lines 60-110. Once im with a part of a code, i trow it in the function, link the function to where the code was and forget about it. i need to use an adittional if to make sure functions are being written before they are called, but its eassy. Helps a lot with debugging.
  • zardOz2: @mznznlt: on an old topic, I have a method of counting lines to find errors for ya... say you have an error in line 300, go down and estimate a spot before line 300 and add a syntax error, then play it again and see. What line # the syntax error is on, then count up to 300 from there or move the syntax error and get it even closer.
  • mznznlt: @killsloce89: they work, it is hard to hit them though.
  • killsloce89: Some of the squares dont work
  • martikill: Nice game. Its working really good.
  • zardOz2: Heh, no pressure! Enjoy your trip to Polandia!
  • mznznlt: im going away to poland for a two day trip, leaving in half an hour, so no time to build and upload anything, i might try the screenshoot thing when im back
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: it is already a good screenshoot, what do you want from me? i am no artist. and ill fix the upped and rename it to king, in our country its a queen :) thanks for telling me.
  • zardOz2: How about a pixel and cylinder screenshot, put it above the wood box;) FYI the "upped" is called a "King", when the back row is reached we say "king me"
  • Builder2000: Good idea!
  • mznznlt: @Cralant: i might try AI, but its probably not going to work..... i will try once i complete the upped checkers.
  • Cralant: @mznznlt: ahh sorry, I assumed the game would be player vs cpu. Didn't realize it was just player vs player haha. Well you could probably find some documentation online if you want to go the ai route. Still loving this game though.
  • mznznlt: @Cralant: who said there is going to be AI? I have an idea or two on how to do it, but not sure how it would work... firstly, i need to make the upped checkers move longer moves, then wonder about AI....
  • Cralant: Looking forward to this project, really wondering how you are going to tackle the AI. Keep up the good work :)
  • mznznlt: @Mattdogking: @JOELwindows7: @Alfajim: @zardOz: @TechZ: thanks all :)
  • Alfajim: Amazing. :)
  • mznznlt: Update! Added turn system and camera locking disable :)
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome idea!
  • Mattdogking: @mznznlt: Very nice job!
  • mznznlt: @pajlada: thanks for the reply, i'll do that. @zardOz: thats not yet implemented, i'll try to do it tomorow.
  • zardOz2: FYI you can move the same player twice in a row.
  • zardOz2: Nice work, I considered doing checkers but the AI requirements scared me off! Good to here from you.
  • pajlada: @mznznlt: Add
    right below
    if this:first_run() then
    and right above
  • TechZ2124: Omg this is just awesome ! @sdac: please feature this !
  • mznznlt: @sjoerd1999: yeah, i was just writing it ;) i cant do anything about it, sadly.
  • mznznlt: @pajlada: @sdac: when i play the level, i need to restart it for it to render the sprites where they need to be. A bug or am i doing something wrong? I am using halaxy ace 2, android 2.3.6
  • sjoerd19992: Oh and you need to restart it, otherwise it won't work!! :(
  • mznznlt: @sjoerd1999: glad ypu like it :)
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome game!! Nice work!! I really like it!! ;)

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