Ridget - Custom level - from Android
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Stands for Principia Transformer - Non Combat Aerial Series 1 :D
F to walk
G to transform
Circle to adjust hand manually
Rocket or whatever it is control:
Slider for speed
Up and down to, as its name, to up and down :D

Little Note:
Do not transform when moving, do it when stop (but i think its fine from robot to rocket transform when walking)
If u u facing problem transform from rocket to robot, try to move left circle to down
Somehow, for me its more like a fish than rocket xD
If u find any bug comment and i'll fix it asap and if i know how to fix it haha, or simply restart level

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  • QuickestW0LF: @drezyduzit: Same...
  • drezyduzit: That's awesome bro. I wish I was this good 👏
  • StojC: Where is the Lua box?
  • Fatmeatball: @zardOz: :) Thanks!
  • zardOz2: @Fatmeatball: welcome to principia!
  • Fatmeatball: Amazing.... Also my first ever comment! :D
  • lala: How many servos are there??
  • cookobb: Best ever!
  • Galvatron66: Thats a lot of views
  • JB Marcowitz: A real transformer
  • pixelpiejr: Pretty cool. Thats all I have to say...
  • homebrewman23: Very impressive, must have taken a long time
  • Hoborg: I cant controll this
  • Hobbit: One of the best!!!
  • that guy2: Some sort of supportive comment here.
  • Alfajim: Wow! That's an awesome, bad ass transformer! It flies really nicely too, I did some nice smooth touchdowns. :)
  • Ridget: Ma level is in amazing machine section :o im so surprised xD
  • Demon666: very nice transformer! it walks well but switching between modes could use a little work lol
  • Cheddah: Bad ass! If you transform in the air he can do push-ups when he lands face down haha.
  • woodnut2: WOW is that nice! :)
  • The_Blacksmith_: Amazing! LIKE
  • Charlest360: @Ridget: Thats the spirit <----- (S)EXTREME SARCASAM!!!
  • Ridget: @Charlest360: im a pessimistic person to enter my level on contest, many great level there :/
  • Charlest360: I dont understand a f#ck this should be perfect to What the heck compotitios! Send it :)
  • Ridget: @TechZ: thx too (/=3=)/
  • Ridget: @sjoerd1999: thx :D
  • TechZ2124: Sooooooo cool !
  • sjoerd19992: So freaking awesome!! Omg really cool transformer! Like ;)

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