Whack A Face - Minecraft Version

Blood - Custom level - from Android
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To play this game is simple,
You touch the screen and aim to whack all the the unhappy faces.
Whacking a unhappy face will add a point.
Whacking a happy face will take away a heart.
Whacking a blank space will take away five points.
Whacking a heart will give you another life.

Losing all 3 hearts results in a loss.

Don't forget to comment with your best score.

p.s: Apologies for the terrible pixel art on the screenshot, needed something and it was the best I could do at the moment.

Update: Allowed derivatives, added a whackable heart to add life, increased hitbox detection.

Views: 865 Downloads: 161 Unique objects: 12 Total objects: 304


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  • Manny: I got a score of 134 without losing a heart.
  • JOELwindows7: Don't forget Allow Derivatives! Awesome update!
  • incrazyboyy: Make the world bigger!
  • Cralant: Lol nice one, perhaps you should change the background to space because when viewing the tutorial you cannot see anything. Also you could completely redesign the sprites and change them to actually mc sprits not just Smiley's. Would look better. Message me if you need a hand.

LEVEL ID: 7165