Doughnuts1083 - Custom level - from Android
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Revision 4

Fixed some bugs
Changed the design


The slider is the power of the frog.

How to move forwards
1 Keep pushing H
2 Push F

How to leap
1 Push G for 0.5 seconds
2 Push F for 0.5 seconds
3 Push H until landing

How to get the right position (if you are facing downwards)
1 Push J

How to get the right position (if you turned over)
1 Push F many times

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  • bor3d: melius est ponere aliquid, ad mollitiem et corporis anatome ferri ranae
  • bor3d: Habeo dilaberentur initio
  • Jacek56: Cool
  • Ken: @Mendoza226: Cool
  • Ken: @Mendoza226: Cool
  • pdchangxinli: 233
  • Ueuo: @Chowder: Thanks for what?
  • Chowder: That's 9000000 amazing thanks
  • antoha2003: у меня она разваливается на старте
  • Mendoza226: Hold a and press f and it jumps perfectly its a really good frog and the functions are great
  • Golden: Nice
  • TboltBeardie: Fixed some bugs...nyuck nyuck nyuck
  • Manny: @sdac: LOL!
  • Ronan: I lovwe the power off function
  • that guy2: Ive fallen and I can't get up!
  • CRoaten: If there are bugs, shouldn't thhe frog control(i.e. eat) them? :)
  • ilovecrazzy: big fat and not easy to controll. still like
  • sdac: he's a bit fat ;)
  • ckswns1217: amazing
  • Alfajim: Very nice work! He can do some awesome back flips and press ups standing on his nose. Cool frog. :)
  • woodnut2: Awesome work and fun play. :)

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