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mznznlt - Custom level - from Android
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I guess pajlada already made what you needed, but i made it already so there is no reason not to post it, maybe you will use it. This instead of using 2 points in space uses angle. Might have problems when moving at full speed with time control activated because of how the velocity jumps over 1 when the time is slowed down. 90.91 is the max velocity with no time control.

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  • mznznlt: @mznznlt: now* it shouldnt jitter
  • mznznlt: @Demon666: updated, no it shouldn't jitter on slowdowns, as i transform velocity to 0 if it is almost 0. For example 0,000007382=0, but 0,002485=0,002485.
  • pajlada: yeah, yours is a lot more stable than mine :)
  • Demon666: nice! i did finish my own version but yours is more stable. i wasn't able to eliminate that jitter that happends between slowdowns. yours still jitters but far less lol
  • mznznlt: @Demon666:

LEVEL ID: 7387