Animation #2 bowling v1

shantanuaryan67 - Custom level - from Android
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Plz tell me how it was :D
v1 release

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  • Aceheliflyer: Haha he picks it up!!
  • Ctjet: Hmmm, I wonder if it would be possible to make a stop motion maker in lua...
  • shantanuaryan67: @incrazyboyy: I'll add more pics in next animation@The Ohio One: tnx , any ideas
  • The Ohio One: Cool
  • incrazyboyy: @shantanuaryan67: yes, that means more pictures
  • shantanuaryan67: @incrazyboyy: fps = frame per sec ?
  • incrazyboyy: Cool! But more fps
  • shantanuaryan67: @sjoerd1999: free running! Thx for ideas !
  • sjoerd19992: @shantanuaryan67: Well for a new one I have 2 ideas,
    1. Dummy runs, jumps over spikes, makes a slide to dodge another spike. Again.
    2. Wk soccer is here now, so maybe soccer?
  • shantanuaryan67: @sjoerd1999: both
  • sjoerd19992: @shantanuaryan67: what kind of suggestion? For this level, or a new one?
  • shantanuaryan67: @FirePhenixFire: ty , some suggestions?
  • FirePhenixFire: Awsome
  • shantanuaryan67: @JOELwindows7: @pradeep kumar: @sjoerd1999: ty , any suggestions?
  • pradeep kumar: thats awesome!!!
  • JOELwindows7: Loop frame like he recatch the ball. Awesome!
  • shantanuaryan67: @sjoerd1999: tnx
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome!!

LEVEL ID: 7466