BUILD your own rocket 2, (KSP)

Ctjet - Custom level - from Android
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Made for the contest :) sorry it took so long, couldnt make a good enough crane.

This is very buggy, so please report them to me.

Feel free to add parts, should be pretty easy.

List of parts from the left:

1: 2 meter fuel tank
2: 2 meter engine
3: 2 meter decoupler
4: 2 to 1 meter adapter decoupler
5: 1 meter engine
6: 1 meter fuel tank
7: 1 meter decoupler
8: 1 meter ASAS unit (turns rocket)
9: 1 meter pod

You can place as many fuel tanks as you want on top of eachother if you want to have more than one fuel tank in a stage.

The smallest rocket is:


Press the green checkmark when done building to launch

Slider -throttle
G-toggle auto stabilization
A and D-left and right if stabilization is off

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  • BloodStorm: I love simple rockets, simple planes, principia sims of KSP and videos of KSP. Although i cant get it cuz im a kid and its 30 dollars
  • Superlink456: See if you can make the crane faster
  • The Ohio One: @Ctjet: @x32g: video uploaded
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: nice
  • The Ohio One: @Ctjet: @x32g: i may or may not be posting a video tomorow
  • Ctjet: @marat1000000: yeah
  • marat1000000: like space agency
  • Ctjet: @jojomart82: yeah...
  • jojomart82: holy crap the stabilezer keeeps gliching the game
  • cooldude: @Ctjet: yo ctjet can u plz sub me
  • Ctjet: @Mattdogking: I saw :D
  • Mattdogking: @Ctjet: Subed you on youtube. Im robloxmattdogking
  • Ctjet: @Mattdogking: I dont play with mods that add parts, the only mods i am using are for cinematics. could you make sure you installed correctly/reinstall and if that dosent work ask the forums
  • Mattdogking: @Ctjet: I play ksp and have this spaceplane plus mod, but im not getting all the parts. I have ksp 0.23.5
  • Ctjet: @cooldude: sorry, talked to pajlada and it is not working due to some inconsistencies in the non static joints. I could increase physics iterations,but it would lag even more
  • cooldude: Umm i just noticed that it kinda dosoent work yah
  • cooldude: dude i am gonna sub and like man!
  • Ctjet: @x32g: I see
    after 1.5, I will make a 3rd edition
  • x32g: @The Ohio One: I may or may not see any videos
  • The Ohio One: @x32g: i may or may not have any videos
  • x32g: @Ctjet: I mean MASSIVE boosters.
  • TechZ2124: This level is amazing ! But the grabber isn't very accurate and I could not build my rocket correctly the first time. But awesome work !
  • Ctjet: @x32g: as in size or side boosters?
  • x32g: This level clearly needs more boosters.
  • Ctjet: @FarmBoy522: np
  • FarmBoy522: Dear Ctjet
    Me again I need the actual rocket parts because one of the problems is the crane dropping the parts and I need to add and measure the rocket parts to fix the crane can you post a seprate level with the parts please and the lua is very simple comparatively to other programs
    The Level is amazing and cool :-):-):-)
  • Ctjet: @Manny: hmmmmm
  • Manny: @Ctjet: Li tried that before, but my rocket wouldn't start.
  • Ctjet: Also those little things on top of the buttons tell you what they are
  • Ctjet: @Manny: left to right
  • Manny: @Ctjet: wait, do the numbers go from left to right, or from right to left?
  • Manny: @Ctjet: Oh.
  • Ctjet: @Manny: the order you place them in is 5689
  • Manny: @Ctjet: My rocket keeps falling over after I have 9,8, and getting 7. If I do 9,8,6,5 it won't start.
  • Golden: @x32g: but i made a 1 channel, it is tekkit, thats me building a real nuclear reactor
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: I have all of the "simple"games, simple planes is coming soon
  • x32g: @The Ohio One i May or may not be inviting you to join in this conversation
  • Ctjet: @x32g: lol
  • x32g: And i May or may not have seen TechZ's The Ohio One's and ctjet's channel
  • x32g: I May or may not have problems with writing May because of autocorrect
  • Ctjet: @FarmBoy522: infact... thanks for your help
  • Ctjet: @FarmBoy522: np
  • FarmBoy522: Ok thanks
  • Ctjet: @FarmBoy522: i have fixed a few bugs like camera not snapping to the rocket but those are fixed. You will need to know lua in order to edit the code. I would like to see you edit it as i have already uploaded all i have done so go ahead
  • FarmBoy522: @Ctjet: I would like to fix some of the bugs and make it faster but if you have allready started some bug fixing I dont want to do a lot of work if you have all ready done it just letnme know if you want me to do some cleaning or not
  • Ctjet: @FarmBoy522: thanks
  • FarmBoy522: Love KSP (it is an abrevation so it should be caps) and love your Princpia version just like the game;-);-)
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: oops
  • zardOz2: @Ctjet: have you played Simple Rockets? Its A great little 2d KSP touch screen game. I Reccomend it.
  • The Ohio One: 9856
  • The Ohio One: Cjet shouldent the smallest rocket be:
    9,8,65 not
  • The Ohio One: @Ctjet: @x32g: lol this is a funny conversation. :-)
  • Ctjet: @x32g: i may or may not also have landmines and i may or may not thank you for checking out my channel
  • x32g: I May or may not have successfully have built a functioning tank with landmines and i May or may not be checking out your channel right now
  • Ctjet: @x32g: i may or may not have a youtube channel (ctjet99) where i started a ksp war with f22s, tanks, helicopters (maybe) and boats
  • x32g: I may or may not be jealous and trying to make a tank
  • Ctjet: @x32g: i may or may not have a tank
  • x32g: I play ksp. I may or may not have a rocket especially for crashing and killing kerbals.
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: didnt even realize it wax over lol
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: i hope it wins :D
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: thanks
  • Ctjet: @The_Blacksmith_: thanks
  • The_Blacksmith_: This thing is incomprehensible. AMAZING FEAT OF TECNOLOGY! LIKE
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: fixed a cam bug
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: fixed a cam bug
  • The Ohio One: @Ctjet: YAY
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: YAY IT IS
  • The Ohio One: YAY ITS DONE
  • Ctjet: @incrazyboyy: @ElementalGenius98: @ckswns1217: unfortunatly, these bugs are caused by nonstatic connections being wobbly, and i cant change the physics iterations due to massive lag. I tried to cNcle these out as best as possible with guide rails and such, but this will always happen
  • ckswns1217: it fall off itself
  • ElementalGenius98: There jusr 3 little bugs ive found :o
    1 the crane isn't very accurate sometimes tiles aren't placed correct
    2 it isn't possible to attach a part to the asas unit sometimes
    3 the camera doesn't follow our rocket when we activate our RC

    When you could fix them I'm sure you will win this contest ^^
  • incrazyboyy: I would really love it if it works perfectly
  • Ctjet: @sdac: well, I kinda nicknamed it the spider ;p but sure
  • sdac: great work :) you should replace those cables with some wireless components instead though ;) looks like a spider
  • JOELwindows7: Awesome automatic just click!

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