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mznznlt - Custom level - from Android
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Got scared by abrackers huge monster ship that flies to waypoints and made this ship to replace it. Ship is a completely wrecked version of my ship with fuel bar. The essential parts are lua script and gyroskope (must be in the same shape as here), rest is just transporters. There is a settings part in lua code, if you need altering of the code, change things there.

One drawback of this is you need to know the coordinates in the world to set this up, and its harder than just putting a few wall pivots down and selecting them with object trackers.....

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  • mznznlt: @abrackers: i could put out as much things as possible outside the lua box to leave the core code that is needed, i just wanted to make it as compact as possible.
  • mznznlt: @abrackers: yeah, i jusr noticed that the letter wass wrong......
  • mznznlt: Did the mention worked with one letter capital istead of normal? Anyway, @abrackers:
  • abrackers2: @mznznlt: no capital so that @ didnt actually get me a notification. I still prefer mine because its easy and I understand it
  • mznznlt: @TechZ: and uses lots of dampers to achieve that flying.... sadly
  • TechZ2124: Amazing ! It flies very well
  • mznznlt: Hey @Abrackers:

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