Basic Parts Tutorial #6: Inverter +(Y-splitter, L-Motor)

zardOz2 - Custom level - from Android
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zardOz's Principia Tutorials #6

Score 10 points for a basket... -1 point for a paper cup! The Dummies and Robots are ideological opposites and have taken sides, who will you side with??

Need Help? This example shows the basic function of the Inverter clip and includes more on CT Mini, Y-Splitters and Linear Motors.

The right motor was flipped 180 degrees and both the speed and reverse inputs were wired through Inverter clips. Then both sets of controls are routed to a single RC Mini control through Y-Splitters.

The two motors now have inverted control sliders, the Speed inputs are wired to the left slider, when set to the center, both Motors can be controlled by the right slider. If the left slider is set all the way to either side, only one of the Motors can be controlled at a time, but with more power. The right slider controls the reverse input, the direction you need to slide it to move your bomb smackers is reversed for each motor. Its tricky to control at first but fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

Open the level in Sandbox to explore the settings.

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  • zardOz2: Sorry I didnt read the minigame contest rules, no official way to win this, oops.