Lights wave (update) again

Golden - Custom level - from Android
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  • amirahmadkhan81: Wow
    It is very good
  • Golden: @malek: nah I just wanted to use a billions of wires :p
  • Golden: But I'm working on something
  • Golden: @malek: I know that
  • jac.nik98: Ничего удивительного
  • malek: No i didn't mean that u need to add lines, i mean u can do it simply without cables and y-splitter. etc... Take a look at my level and edit it to see how its simple to do and to know how the transmitter and the receiver works
  • homebrewman23: You are a mad man for even trying to build this, hundreds of wires etc. Wow
  • Golden: Are you trying to publish that?
  • Golden: Lol
  • yo man: I would throw my phone trying to build this. Thumbs up.