Basic Parts Tutorial #9: Sine and Simple Binary (rebuild)

zardOz2 - Custom level - from Android
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zardOz's Principia Tutorials #9

Need help? This example shows the basic operation of the Sine signal generator and the Grapher.

A sine wave is the classic ocillating wave, it will produce a signal which increases to maximum(1.0) and falls back to minimum(0.0) with a smooth parabolic transition.

To best grasp the Principia binary system think of a signal of 1.0 as representing one of these qualities: On, Yes, True, Positive, Maximum, or Full. A signal of 0.0 represents: Off, No, False, Negative, Minimum or Empty. Then again, sometimes they just mean 1 and 0.

Some things such as the Sine, Sawtooth and RC Power sliders produce a "Raw" signal between 0.0 and 1.0, the Grapher shows the signal strength over time and helps visualize the operation of the Sine.

Check out Pajlada's "Grapher!" For more info on Sine and Graphers... Open the level in Sandbox to explore.

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  • zardOz2: @Draco131: thx draco welcome to principia)
  • Draco131: Cool signal things =)
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: phase is what position in the cycle the sine begins at... It's rarely needed and hard to fine tune
  • incrazyboyy: what about the phase? what's that
  • Golden: Lol
  • zardOz2: I type too much, I stared at that description for 20 minutes just knowing I forgot something critical... It was TRUE/FALSE now I can sleep:/
  • zardOz2: Ill have SiRi answer cleverbot see what she says
  • Golden: I'm still creating cleverbot
    Cleverbot That is conversation each other
  • Golden: I'm still creating cleverbot
    Cleverbot That is conversation each other
  • yo man: @zardOz: they are really helpful for sure. And on apparatus some members were just a lost cause.
  • zardOz2: Thanks Yo! Well on Apparatus I had a secret agenda to defeat the trolls, no excuse now other than I need to learn these parts anyway... and it's just what I do.
  • yo man: Ha you and your tutorials, zardoz. First apparatus and now principia. Ha im kidding.. Good work man!