Duke Nukem - Boss Challenge

Rubicon2 - Adventure level - from Android
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Battle your way through a challenging terrain, and prove to everyone who the real boss is! The boss will fall but he will take a good punishment.

If you get killed in the jeep, you will respawn in the jeep again, just move around a bit to regain control of the vehicle.

Update: updated the jeep with longer wheel base and tiltmeter to assist in the flipping, oh and I added smoke effect :)

Update2: as requested by Leis, I limited prompts to avoid repetition, added more automatic zoom effects, fixed a couple of issues with the jeep.

Update 3: improved zoom function. Improved the jeep.

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  • bestbattle: @Rubicon: Thank you for the update! I love it even more
  • Rubicon2: @bestbattle: I made some improvements. Boss is more aggressive, and now when you respawn in the jeep, you regain control of it.
  • bestbattle: I played it tens of times! Love it!
    Can you give the option for difficulty? I would like it to have +50% more health.
  • dOUBLEbAD: I blew up so many times it's difficult to figure completing it in anything less than God mode, lol.
  • Chad64: Wow, so much better than last time, which was already awesome back then. Duke Nukem could use some flying lessons though
  • Coolblocks749: Another revival
  • Breckinator: Same here lol
  • ak10670: The thing got stuck under the stairs near the jeep. LOL
  • benz15: @Rubicon: i like it
  • benz15: @Rubicon: thank you
  • Rubicon2: @benz15: just seen your comments, I allowed derivatives :) @zardOz: thanks :)
  • benz15: @zardOz: im just a bad guy
  • benz15: @zardOz: okayy im wrong
  • benz15: @Rubicon: dont it im super wrong
  • benz15: @zardOz: okayyyy
  • zardOz2: @benz15: please stop spamming, Many people such as Rubicon dont play very often or not at all anymore. He may not see your comment for a long time.
  • benz15: @Rubicon: PLEASE
  • benz15: @Rubicon: Please ALLOW DERIVATIVES
  • benz15: @Rubicon: Please allow derivatives
  • benz15: @Rubicon: Please ALLOW DERIVATIVES
  • Cool Dude: LOVE it!
  • Pixelmod: stuck at the black cubes :(
  • Leis: @Rubicon: it will be more perfect!
  • Rubicon2: @Leis: I can do that :)
  • Leis: @Rubicon: still classic ! Add limit to bed prompt?
  • Rubicon2: @Hmaiyda: thanks :)
  • Hmaiyda: Awesome level dude
  • Rubicon2: @yong: @bill3450: Thanks guys :)
  • bill3450: I knew u would win way to go.over 700 downloads WOW
  • yong: congratulation bro!! cheers
  • Rubicon2: @bill3450: lol thanks
  • bill3450: Completely Awsome. I demand more
  • Rubicon2: @McDuff: ty :)
  • Rubicon2: @deathtopolicia: thanks old buddy
  • McDuff: My god son! Some serious effort right there!
  • deathtopolicia: beautiful
  • Rubicon2: @sdac: :)
  • sdac: amazing. excellent work with the cam targeting and stuff. very well made
  • Rubicon2: @yong: I always enjoy your levels, go for it
  • Rubicon2: Thanks everyone glad you liked it :)
  • woodnut2: Nothing like a good old Sunday morning Boss battle :)
  • Alfajim: Wow! Awesome level dude! Great fun killing that beast! :)
  • yong: I was thinking to joint the contest. But i put my mind back after seeing this built. lol
  • Cheddah: Great job. That thing was fun to kill.
  • pajlada: haha damn, I flipped my jeep over :D very nice!
  • Tetsu: @Rubicon: Thanks!!
  • Rubicon2: @zardOz: Thanks :) @Tetsu: Glad you liked it, for multiple screen shots just place cam markers where you want (up to 15 markers) and adjust zoom using gear icon.
  • Tetsu: BTW, How are two or more screen shots set up?
  • Tetsu: Awesome challenge!!! Love the combat jeep!!!
  • zardOz2: Lights a cigar! Good stuff it got me in the tunnel with a low angle shot!