Bagger 289

Ridget - Custom level - from Android
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Right slider to adjust the big wheel speed, torque, voltage
F to open/close storage gate

Im try to copy the Bagger 288 xD
My first plan is to make this adventure lv. But it seems too big to fully see all the Machine structure by the robot
And on the right there is emitter emitting ball, try to collect it xD

Sorry for bad english xP

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  • Ridget: Ah, its been a while im not active here @benz15: yup
  • benz15: @Ridget: hey are you from indonesia?
  • Ridget: @electro: derivates allowed :D
  • flog22: I'm surprised that this didn't win, or at least get highlighted. Dang. :\
  • electro: Open source please
  • that guy2: Heh, cable lifting lol
  • ckswns1217: I like it! !
  • Aceheliflyer: Oh thanks dude!
  • Ridget: And thanks for all the comment, like, and support guys :D
  • Ridget: @Aceheliflyer: set the torque (middle slider) not to reach 0/1 signal, try between 0,1-0,9. This should work :)
  • Hobbit: I couldnt get the auger to turn...
  • incrazyboyy: Amazing build dude!!! I'll make a quick tutorial for you how to make this an adventure level!
  • Aceheliflyer: Theres one problem... the wheel would not spin...
  • ElementalGenius98: @ridget: just make the grinder wheel go more deep because such a giant thing is build in reality to dig down ;) not to dig straight in front of it :) when youre finished I would say youre definitely win the contest ^^
  • Manny: @ridget: I can tell why this is in first place in just four hours.

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