Basic Parts Tutorial #14: Friggin' Lasers

zardOz2 - Adventure level - from Android
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zardOz's Principia Tutorial #14

Need Help? This adventure shows the basic function of Lasers, Reflectors and Laser Sensors.

The Robots have endured the civil war and now have discovered the Dummy's nefarious plans! They have allied against the Robots with the mysterious zardOz and have been stockpiling Laser weapons for some kind of Serect Lair.

Destroy the Laser factory and escape alive!
(There are four short paths to take)

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  • ricardito08: @zardOz: Np and ok. I subscribed you.
  • zardOz2: @ricardito08: Just be warned, a few of the older ones still have some errors... I made them as I was learning. Glad you like em;)
  • ricardito08: Your tutorials are the BEST. Your my man zardOz.
  • zardOz2: No prolem yasinzz, I help those with two z's in their name without question.
  • yasinzz: Thabk you thanks you very much for useful helpful tutorials thanks you finally i can learn more new something in principia