Temple crypt adventure.

woodnut2 - Adventure level - from Android
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Boss ending , but what's a boss battle without
some puzzles and traps to get past first ,
before you reach his lair .
He has self regeneration so show no mercy.
The story intro .
I stopped the jeep and climbed this sand dune to see
a very large structure just past a swamp, I hired a guide
but he seems like a real dummy . No help at all.
Back to the jeep , it's getting darker out.

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  • woodnut2: @incrazyboyy: time to go and work , I'll repair later, thanks :)
  • incrazyboyy: I can't move the interactive box!
  • woodnut2: @Pixelmod: Head out on foot , short hike :)
  • Pixelmod: stuck after the swamp
  • woodnut2: @Tetsu: Thanks !! : )
  • Tetsu: Love it!!
  • woodnut2: @yo man: Good , maybe I found a balance this time : )
  • yo man: @woodnut: first run takes a little bit to figure out what to do.. but not too difficult.
  • woodnut2: @jac.nik98: Google translate - " Not very convenient . The robot is redundant ( not needed ) can be done without the car ? "
    You lost me there
  • woodnut2: @jac.nik98: I will check the translate.
  • woodnut2: @yo man: Great , and how was the difficulty ?
  • jac.nik98: Не очень удобно. Но робот излишен - можно же без него обойтись, водя машину!
  • yo man: I win.
  • woodnut2: @Rubicon: Indy was some of the inspiration 4 sure :) Thanks
  • woodnut2: @Alfajim: Thanks , I was testing the capacity of the objects list ;)
  • Rubicon2: Very nice! I felt like Indiana Jones. My phone was feeling the lag big level or tired phone :) Couldn't kill the boss though, might try again later :)
  • Alfajim: Awesome adventure! I did it eventually, good fun. That's an impressively long objects list you have there. :)
  • woodnut2: @TechZ: Thanks :) . Takes 5 minutes and thought a long boss battle or more puzzles might take some fun away.
  • woodnut2: @raab137: All good you solved that puzzle . thanks :)
  • TechZ2124: Yeah ! Finally I did it. Nice level but the Boss is easy to win. You should add more puzzle to solve because that's realy funny.
  • raab137: and it seems the car was intended to get stuck there, sorry for the earlier confusion
  • raab137: is there a way to control these robots with your keyboard?
  • raab137: sorry to criticize, but it gets stuck after the swamp. nice cutscene for the camp though.
  • woodnut2: Had some signals crossed at the end. Now updated. :)