My Airplane V0.0.6

Andr3w246 - Custom level - from Android
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Its a bad airplane. Can lift off now! Yay! Have fun and try to get it off the ground! :D

V0.0.1: Release
V0.0.2: Plane can now FLY! :D
V0.0.3: Plane can now CRASH if not landed right
V0.0.4: Added Passages, More thrust to lifter
V0.0.5: Addee speedomiter, added Height thing too.
V0.0.6: Added turbulance

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  • Aceheliflyer: @Andr3w246: you would be amazed how good I could fly! :D
  • yo man: @Andr3w246: no.
  • sjoerd19992: It isn't bad, it's really good!!
  • Andr3w246: Who likes airplanes? :D
  • Andr3w246: IT CAN FLY! WOO!
  • Andr3w246: @khang 4: Thanks!
  • khang 4: No, STABILIZERS, but good airplane
  • Andr3w246: @Aceheliflyer: Cool. How good?
  • Aceheliflyer: @Andr3w246: I can fly a plane...
  • Andr3w246: @yo man: Downward? Isn't it UPward?
  • yo man: You need more downward thrust.
  • Andr3w246: Who can fly an airplane?

LEVEL ID: 9257