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Ronan - Custom level - from Android
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Change log

-Made a LOT larger
-Made a bit larger
-Fixed a bug
-Fixed a couple of bugs
-Fixed another bug
-Made it automated
-Camera now follows the robot
-Fixed one more bug
-Fixed so many bugs

Views: 580 Downloads: 80 Unique objects: 5 Total objects: 78


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  • Ronan: @RasmusOlle: i know, but i used my own level!
  • RasmusOlle: @Ronan: you just copied my level as yourself! BTW, i asked for permission but you did not ask permission for copying my work!
  • Ronan: @RasmusOlle: you used my level!
  • RasmusOlle: HEY, YOUR COPIER!

LEVEL ID: 9417