1st placeCatch the Balls contest Simple Mini-game
1st placeHorse contest Mech Animal
1st placeArmed Robot L contest Heavy Machinery
HighlightedVertically Climbing Robot contest Vertical Climbing
HighlightedFight against Criminals contest Cinematic!
HighlightedPinball contest Mini Game!
FeaturedTwo-legged Robotcategory Amazing Machines
FeaturedTankFront page
FeaturedAndroidcategory Amazing Machines
FeaturedAndroidFront page
FeaturedArmed Robot Scategory Amazing Machines
FeaturedCatch the Ballscategory Contest Winners
FeaturedFrogcategory Amazing Machines
FeaturedHorsecategory Contest Winners
FeaturedArmed Robot SFront page
FeaturedArmed Robot LFront page
FeaturedArmed Robot Lcategory Amazing Machines
FeaturedArmed Robot Lcategory Bithack's Favorites
FeaturedArmed Robot Lcategory Contest Winners
FeaturedFight against CriminalsFront page
FeaturedBoxing RobotFront page
FeaturedExcavator 2Front page
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