Announcement: New Mic

In a land of wood borders, and pixelated trees,
Sits, a newb, unsure what to do,
This land of new wonder has his mind racing,
Created by sdac, pajlada, and the rest of their crew.

He looks at the basics, eyes open wide,
Then gives up, but never really tried,
But he comes back one day, a few from the last,
And looks at the community, "boy, they learned fast."

Through edits, and tests, the knowledge does grow,
Little by little, bit by bit, he sure is glad he didn't quit,
What looked so challenging is now just a breeze,
He can whip up anything, at the slightest of ease.

But then, update time, new things are added,
But this boy, now saddened, as he is no longer the master, again turns to others,
Figures rise out of the smoke, out of 1.3
Their voices helpful, and among the confusion, they help us see,
Look at all these wonderful things, Lua and cursor fields, and much more.

We turned to them, ZardOz and others,
Who shined bright and caring, they helped one another,
I too have received help from Zard,
That is why I hold him to the highest regard.

And Demon666, a lovely name,
But he has helped others, all the same,
One day I will be like them, that is my aim.

1.4, again, the confusion arises,
But this time it's worse, with new toys and prizes,
Also, a flood of newbies, because you see,
We released Principia for IOS and PC.

Again and again, these heroes return,
To help the needy,
To quench the need to learn,
Then a new section arises, videos galore,
Would you look at that, my videos and more,
Thank you sdac, for adding all mine,
And helping me grow, without even knowing,

This poem was probably long and confusing,
and well, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed, and liked.
That is why I decided to get my new mic
Thank you to the principia crew, I would never be here without any of you
Thank you to Demon666, ZardOz, and Techz,
For not just taking requests from me,
They worked hard to make tutorials and tools
So we don't have to blunder, and act like fools,
Thank you to the community, for being there and watching,
My tutorials, my levels, and rewatching again,
Thank you to my friends, who bought Principia,
And helped me learn new facts and trivia,
Thank you to all, and to all a good night.



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